At first glance these might seem bad for the environment but not all coffee brands capsules are none recyclable, some brands make them out of recyclable aluminum which are more environmentally friendly than other capsules. Some brands even accept your used and emptied capsules, so they can recycle and reuse them (If you’re in doubt, try calling your coffee brand to double check with them if they do accept your used capsules).
Although, if you are a coffee lover and you like the idea of becoming greener and more sustainable with your day-to-day habits then we will let you know of some alternative ways to reuse your coffee pods.
🪴 In this post, we will show you how to turn coffee pods into plant seeders, or even into little plant vases for your home décor.
How’s the process done?
• Open your coffee capsules and empty them – reserve the coffee;
• Wash the future to be little plant seeders;
• Make a hole at the bottom of the capsule so the excess water can drain and won’t harm the plants;
• Use the coffee you’ve reserved earlier to mix with garden soil – it will work as fertilizer;
• Fill the capsules with the soil mix, add some plant seeds of your choice and cover them a little;
• Water them daily and give them time to grow!
Looks lovely, doesn’t it? 😊
Why not try it out and show us what you come up with?
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