♻ Did you know that more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day? This makes plastic bottle recycling a highly recommended duty. Why not recycle them in a creative way at home?
🌿 One of the creative ways to reuse plastic bottles is to recycle them as Self-Watering Planters.
Having the soil mix above the water, connected by the cotton string, will allow the soil to have just the right amount of water all the time – as the water is used by the plant or evaporates off the surface of the soil, the soil will draw more water up from the water chamber below. These planters can go for many days long and they allow you to save up water.
You can reuse your plastic bottles and if you plant aromatic herbs, you not only get fresh herbs all year long and a lovely greener kitchen, but you’ll also get healthy benefits from their fragrance – these can be soothing, mood refreshers and even improve your sleep quality.
🌿 How to make your own Self-Watering Planters?
What you’ll need:
• Plastic water bottle;
• Scissors/Knife;
• Cotton String;
• Soil (We used a mix of soil with coffee from used coffee pods);
• Seeds (We used Cilantro Seeds);
• Weed control / ground cover fabric.
How to:
• Remove labels from the bottle and wash it;
• Using a knife or scissors, carefully cut the bottle about 5” up from the base;
• Cut a piece of ground cover, make a tiny hole in it and pass the cotton strings through it, placing it inside the top bottle and then spread the strings a little;
• Fill it up with the mix of soil;
• Place the seeds and cover them;
• Fill up the bottom bottle with water half way and then place the top bottle on top of it;
• Completely soak it a first time by hand so the soil and cotton get the water trick going on and your Self-Watering is done and ready to last for many, many days.
You can then decorate the planter as you wish or just leave it as it is.
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