Planet Caretakers Albania

Team Leader: Arieta Hamiti

Experience & Activities

This is the Planet Caretakers Albania team, which works on cleaning up the ecosystems around Albania.

This internationalization, under the guidance of Arieta Hamiti, aims to bring environmental responsibility awareness through clean-ups.

The mission is clear: to clean up our planet by removing trash from nature.

Albania, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, deserves to shine. But we’ve seen litter in places it shouldn’t be. It’s time for change. Let’s envision a litter-free Albania for our kids and nature.

Join us in this planet-saving journey. Together, we can ensure a cleaner, greener Albania and a brighter world. Let’s care for our home, one piece of trash at a time.

With love and hope,
Planet Caretakers Albania


Team Instagram: @planetcaretakers_al

WhatsApp Group Link: Planet Caretakers Albania

How nice to have another team working to make the planet cleaner, letting its ecosystems do their perfect job! ❤