Planet Caretakers is a non-profit organization of passionate volunteers, friends and family, united by the mission to clean our oceans and forests from plastics and waste, so that natural ecosystems can do their perfect job: Give and create life. For that, we must take some harmful obstacles from its way, so we are counting on people who care, people who are Planet Caretakers, whom commit to help it by removing the plastic and waste away from nature.

Studies show that if humans continue on this current path then there will be no sea life in the wild by the year 2048, which is a frightening statistic and that is why we are acting to ensure that generations to come can enjoy the beauty of our oceans and forests.

Since in nature, nothing is wasted and everything is transformed, Planet Caretakers will transform the collected trash into Art.

How do we do it?

All starts in a collective synergy with no physical boundaries that pull together cleaning teams acting in beaches and forests around the world.

This waste gains a new life and value in local artists’ hands, who can select these “creative and inspiring” materials in our Reusable Trash Fairs. These Reusable Trash Fairs will have our collected trash so that artists can take a look and select, for free, what they would like to use in their next art piece.

The result of their artwork will be exhibited in Reused Trash Art Expositions and sold to help raise funds to offer financial support to various charities and other non-profit organizations such as helping other projects caring about the waste issue, projects aiming to end world hunger and projects aiming to protect animals – wild and/or domestic, all organizations which help protect life on Earth. Good idea, don’t you think?

To motivate and help with the ‘raising funds’ mission of the project, there will be a Bracelet (which will be the main item to brand the ‘movement’), a T-shirt and a Bag (all these items, will, as soon as we can, be all made out of ecological biodegradable materials), being sold at a price – which will revert to help those Planet/Humans/Animals other projects and/or causes who might be needing funding to keep doing their intention too.

The money raised by sold Bracelets will support Ambiental causes/projects; the money raised by sold T-shirts will support Humans in Poverty causes/projects; the money raised by sold Bags will support Animals (wild and domestic) causes/projects.

Planet Caretakers are a growing big family with kind and energizing people from all ages, nations and lifestyles.

You are very welcome to become part of it by joining us.


• Motivate and educate the citizens of planet Earth about the global waste crisis and its consequences on the environment and the quality of life for everyone who lives there;

• Recognize the repurposable value in the discarded waste, we propose to promote and reuse the waste in new projects.


• To achieve these goals, Planet Caretakers proposes to create a stylish bracelet in order to brand the movement, which will distinguish supporters motivated by the cause;

• Each bracelet will be assigned a unique number; for every bracelet sold, 1 kg of trash will be collected. Social networking sites will inform supporters with each achievement in reducing the amount of waste contaminating the planet.


• Planet Caretakers will organize groups of volunteers, who will collect the garbage, linking them to the pursuit of the goal/mission;

• With a view to reducing the ecological footprint, “Planet Caretakers” will contact people who are already dedicated to reusing garbage for various purposes, so we can include the creation of clothing lines, furniture, decorative pieces, surfboards, musical instruments, paintings, etc.;

• We propose to organize awareness/training workshops within the scope of the “Planet Caretakers” mission;

• We will also associate in our mission: Scouts; Schools; Several associations already motivated for the growing problem of human waste.

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