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Welcome to Planet Caretakers

If not now, then when?


Our Mission

Motivate and educate the citizens of planet Earth about the global waste crisis and its consequences on the environment and the quality of life for everyone who lives there. + INFO


Our Strategies

Planet Caretakers will organize groups of volunteers, who will collect the garbage, linking them to the pursuit of the goal/mission; + INFO

If not us,
then who?

17 +

Caretakers Teams


Awareness Clean-ups

29 Tons

Picked up Trash

35000 +

Cigarette Butts Collected

1800 +

Volunteers Involved

Want to join us?

Is there garbage next to your beach or forest? Let’s get this together and pick up all the trash. Because if it’s not us, who will be?

Please, fill out the form. We will contact you soon.

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